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Libro Dar de mamar



Why do we need a breastfeeding manual? Isn't it something natural that every woman can breastfeed? In our culture, when a woman is pregnant, she usually focuses her attention, her fears, and her fantasies on childbirth. We fear pain, we worry that everything will turn out well. However, breastfeeding seems to be something simpler, where no tools or professional experts are needed and it only involves a baby drinking milk from its mother's breast... how complicated can it be? 

In Uruguay, in 2011, only 36% of babies were exclusively breastfed during the first six months of life. This figure, among other conclusions, shows us that breastfeeding can have various obstacles. 

We have made progress in extending maternity leave and the emergence of rooms prepared so that women can breastfeed during working hours, in public and private organizations. But, beyond the achievements, very often women feel vulnerable and do not have the necessary tools to practice it. 

This book is intended for

👉to the pregnant woman who wants to be prepared so that when her time comes she knows what to do; 
👉to the woman who wants to breastfeed but has difficulties, feels pain, thinks that her baby is hungry, or believes that there is something that is not right, but does not know what it is;
👉to the woman who returns to work and wants to offer her baby preserved milk



A book that contemplates the family environment and an excellent manual for social actors, technicians and health professionals.


Available in the best bookstores and also in ebook format


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