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3rd edition
Libro Los primeros 1000 días del bebé



Having a child, raising them and accompanying them in their development is, without a doubt, one of the most challenging tasks for a person and family. It confronts us with ourselves, our weaknesses, strengths and the way each one has been raised. As your baby grows, he or she will present new challenges, concerns, and needs. Our presence, support and affection will be the basis of the bond, and this will be the foundation for learning.

Thefirst 1000 days of life, counting from conception to two years of age, are a moment of extreme vulnerability and modeling. We can compare it to the construction of a building. In these first months, the foundations and pillars that will shape and support the entire structure will be erected. Yes they will be important!

Parents, grandparents, educators and all the emotional references of that baby will have an impact on the construction of his personality, physical and emotional health. In this book I will talk about babies and their development in light of new scientific evidence, focusing special attention on what they need from their parents and references, being aware of the shaping role that we adults assume.

We have in our hands the possibility of building a unique bond, which will shape a new being. A healthy upbringing can generate true social impacts, developing people who are agents of change for our society. Well, parenting is a way to change the world.

This book was written with the participation of theDr. Inés Acosta - child psychiatrist -.

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