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Ser mamá ilusión y desafío



We are pregnant and we have many doubts about our body, its changes and about the future life that grows in us and that later, when it comes to light, will continue to need our help to grow healthy.

"Being a mother: excitement and challenge" is a necessary companion in all phases of pregnancy, childbirth and the baby's first weeks.

The book was conceived as a reference for permanent consultation for future mothers and provides simple, practical and very up-to-date information ranging from the check-ups that pregnant women should undergo to how we should approach how to integrate the family in this new stage.

It is a different book in which we can share testimonies that bring us closer to these topics based on stimulating concrete experiences. 

At each stage we will find recommendations that include the various members of the family, so that they feel part of this process.

Research, experience and an original approach with new perspectives characterize this leading work for those embarking on the extraordinary adventure of being mothers.

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