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About me...

Claudia López Rodríguez

  • Graduate in Psychology (UdelaR)

  • International Breastfeeding Consultant - IBCLC (USA)  Num. credential: L-25513

  • Training in "The Neuroscience of Children's Sleep and its implications in practice and care for families", fromChildren's Sleep Study Center(Zurich)
  • Training in Perinatal Mental HealthInsEuropean Institute of Perinatal Mental Health (Madrid)

  • Diploma in breastfeeding (Ibfan México)

  • Lamaze Childbirth Educator - 2011 (USA)

  • Director ofInstituteUruguayan Breastfeeding tutorial (Since 2014)

  • Author of  “Being a mother: excitement and challenge” (2014), “Breastfeeding. Practical breastfeeding manual” (2015), “The baby's first 1000 days” (2019), and “Sleep like a baby” (2022), by Editorial Planeta. 

  • She is the author of multiple articles related to motherhood and fatherhood, published in magazines and newspaper supplements in Uruguay and the region.

  • Annually it offers workshops/conferences organized by different institutions.

  • LinkedIn

As a health professional, I am committed to respecting certain codes of ethics that I consider essential for the protection of breastfeeding and good early childhood care practices.

II commit to respect:

  • The Code International ofCommercialization of Breast Milk Substitutesand subsequent resolutions.More information

  • The Code of Professional Conduct for IBCLCs.You can read the full code here

  • HeCESI Sleep Therapist Code of Ethics.You can read the full code here

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